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Thread: Body filler, prime first, or not?

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    Default Body filler, prime first, or not?

    I have a 39 chevy street rod project underway. The body is stripped to bare metal, top chop complete, and ready for leveling of all the welded seams and a little re-contouring here and there. There seems to be differing opinions as to whether to apply filler at the bare metal stage or prime first with a metal etching or epoxy type primer and then apply the filler. I have not done any filler work since the days when "bondo" was the only product around. Which is the currently recommended procedure and what products work best in this application?

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    You can do it either way. Bare, clean metal or over epoxy primer. Do Not use body filler over an etching primer. Etch, epoxy and then fillers. If the metal was sandblasted I use epoxy before the filler. If it's just a dent I usually put filler over the bare metal.
    Todays fillers are great. So easy to apply and sand. The adhesion to metal and primers is much beter than years ago.

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    Just as CARS said you can do either, if I am working on a car that has been stripped down to bare metal I prefer to shot some epoxy primer on the car and then do my bodywork. But either method will work.

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