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    hi, i stripped my truck with aircraft paint remover. it's an old 1970 ford. i would like to epoxy primer it next but not sure what grit sandpaper to use. i heard 80 grit but some say no. i know this is not the best method, i mean with sandblasting and sodablasting being probably a better choice but i'm on a limited budget and i've already started it. could you tell me what grit would work for the epoxy to hold. thank you

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    Using a DA sander with 80 or 120 grit would be a good choice for the bare metal. If there are areas with existing finishes that you plan to prime over, sand those areas with 320 - 400 grit.

    Also, as a note, although you can paint over the epoxy, it is really not meant to be a filling primer. It seals the metal and provides a good foundation for the overall paint job and other primers. For filling imperfections and blocking the surface, our Urethane primer and Contour Poly Primers are the products you'd want to use to block the surface straight.

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    ok thanks

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