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Thread: Refinishing old enameled cast iron grates

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    Default Refinishing old enameled cast iron grates

    This is not necessarily about cars but I am in dire need of help. I have old burner grates that were originally enameled cast iron . Over time some of the enamel has worn off and the iron is showing through and starting to rust. I am in Southern California and would like to know if anyone in the forum lives around or has a shop where I can have them refinished for a fee.I can not replace them as they have been discontinued by the manufacturer.
    I wonder if powder coating is the answer and if after curing , the finish does not come off with high heat as they are burner grates. Thanks.I hope I can get help from this group of creative people.


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    Burner grates still in use will not be able to be powder coated. You need to either get them re-enamled or I believe they may actually be porcelain coated.

    Powder is only good for 350-400 degrees max and at those temps I wouldn't want it in contact with something else like a pan or pot on it.

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