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Thread: What comes first? Primer, self etching, body filler, glaze?

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    Default What comes first? Primer, self etching, body filler, glaze?

    I am restoring an a '79 Jeep CJ 7. I am welding in patch panels in some areas. Using the EW lead free body solder in other areas. The hood was covered in bed liner, so I am grinding it off down to bare metal.

    I am looking for instructions on what to use where and when. Is there a step by step somewhere?

    On the hood, I was thinking about applying glazing putty right on the scratched up bare metal, then urethane primer. (I am using a single stage urethane paint). I would sand the glazing putty with 600 and also the urethane primer.

    On the body, where I have my patch panels and lead free body solder, I was thinking the same procedure.

    Am I correct on this? Would I need any other primers?

    Just want to do it right.


    Rob Caldwell

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    I think you are on the right track. But just be cautious about the concentration of primers and fillers you are going to use. Refer this guide for how to use filler: You may use Dolphine Glaze for better results.
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    Dear Rob.. I been doing this for 35 yrs .. Try NOT to Grind away paint on a perfectly good body panel take an 8 inch Mud Hog with 40 grit paper it chews up paint fast without the damage a grinder leaves behind when your finished go over the whole hood with 80 on a D/A and prime using a good quality DTM primer {Direct to metal} apply however many you need to get the coverage your looking for then block it down with 320 wet and take another look when your done you might NOT need any Glazing anything. I haven't used glazing putty in 20 yrs . I use 2 wet coats of Featherfill G2 Polyester primer then block it down to perfection because the DTM does not have the higher build qualities I'm looking for ..good luck

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