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Thread: Help new eastwood plasma cutter not working

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    Default Help new eastwood plasma cutter not working

    Hello. I received my new eastwood plasma cutter yesterday. I used it for about two minutes before it made a loud pop noise and tripped my breaker (I had it on a dedicated 115v 15amp circuit, I am also using two air/water separators inline before the plasma cutter). After I switched the circuit breaker back on I turned the plasma cutter back on and tried to cut again. As soon as the trigger is pressed on the torch the cutter goes right into overload, no matter what amperage or air pressure setting. The air turns on and it clicks like it should be working but goes right into overload. I tried leaving it alone off unplugged for awhile and tried it again but keeps on doing the same thing. I also noticed a foul aroma after it popped that didn't last long. I live right outside of philadelphia, would it be possible to have someone at the local store test it out for me and possibly exchange it if its found defective. I had a project I wanted to tackle this weekend and purchased this plasma cutter for it. I frequently use a plasma cutter at work, but obviously that one is too big to take home. Thanks in advance.

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    We are not to far outside of Philadelphia, if you come up to our store today we can take care of you. Please bring the entire plasma cutter with torch and your invoice if you have it. Our store is open till 5PM today. -Evan

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    Hello Evan. I just got this message. I will shoot up to the store monday after I get done work. I will bring all of that stuff with me. Thanks.


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    Well, I tried to get a resolution with the plasma cutter today but still could not get one. I drove from Philadelphia to the store (about an hour with traffic one way). We thought we were running a few minutes late (because of unusual heavy traffic), I had my wife call customer service to ask if someone would stay a minute or so later than 5pm in case we got there a bit late, the lady was less than helpful and said they promptly lock the doors at 5 and thats that. We ended up getting to the store at 5 or 5:01 and everything was locked up and not a person in sight. It's not like I spent $20 or $30, I spent over $600 for a product I still can't use, not to mention the wasted gas and the 2 hours of travel time, and postponing the project I had lined up for last weekend. I've also been less than impressed with trying to play phone tag leaving messages in the hopes that someone will call me back, or even the hopes I may eventually talk to a person instead of the recorded message that all agents are busy. Just really frustrated in the lack of customer service I have gotten thus far. This isn't the first time I've ordered products from eastwood, and I am working on getting a 73 plymouth back on the road and up keeping a few of my other cars and wanted to order more products from eastwood, but I don't know now. Will somebody please help me?!?!?

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    Please PM me your contact information and I will get you taken care of today. I work in product development and cant personally take care of you but I will set you up with someone who will. Sorry for this inconvenience but we will make it right.

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    I just got mine and after two days of using it had the same problem. I haven't had a chance to call customer support to find out what the fix is and now I'm stuck with out a plasma. Any advise on how to get it working would be great.

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