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    I need help in getting the media blaster to work. I have plenty of pressure at the tank, approx. 110 psi. I have a 5hp Quincy compressor, volume (CFM) is not an issue. My problem is that I have extreme amounts of media leaving the nozzle, but at very low pressure. Air valve to tank is fully open, I have moved the throttle valve (media intake) over the entire spectrum, with little effect other than when entirely closed. I am using 70 grit abrasive media from Harbor Freight, it is new and dry; ability to push this material and clogging are not an issue. This is my first attempt at using it. The problem is extremely low pressure at the nozzle. Hoses are not kinked or anything like that. What is wrong? Thanks

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    Have you tried removing the nozzle and checking the size of the opening? Possibly the nozzle opening is too large and allowing too much media through. What pressure at the blaster is the gauge showing, what pressure does your compressor show? Is there a large difference between the two? Also what does the 2 gauges drop to as soon as you open up the valve on the blaster?

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