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Thread: Skipping Epoxy Primer?

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    Cool Skipping Epoxy Primer?

    I recently stripped my 68' Ford down to bare metal, I was watching the Contour how to video and at the end he applies the Poly primer over the filer. I have most of the body work done now can I skip using the Epoxy primer and just spray the Poly primer on and block sand or do I have to use and epoxy?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The poly primer i believe you are talking about is just an extremly high build filler primer, not a final layer primer. I would recommend you spray epoxy primer over the bare metal(2 medium wet coats) and then use a urathane primer over that along with any final body filler you may need, then block out the body. Hope this helps!


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    Make sure you're using a DTM ( direct to metal) primer... not all of them are. I'll do some digging and see if the contour poly is STM, if so you can certaily skip the step of epoxy under it. HOWEVER.... for me, the function of epoxy as a ground coat after stripping to bare steel is not just to aid adhesion... if the metal will be exposed for more than 48 hours, it's best to put some kind of barrier coat on it to pretect from flash-rusting.

    To answser your question.... yes ,you can bypass epoxy... as long as youre safe in coating overtop of the bare steel and not trapping corrosion that could bite you later on

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