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Thread: eastwood mig 175 blows gas after the trigger is released?

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    Default eastwood mig 175 blows gas after the trigger is released?

    I love my new welder! I borrowed a mig welder before and the 175 blows it away! I'm welding patch panels on the door of my 56 belair so I'm doing a lot of spot welds and one tack at a time so I don't get it too hot. When I release the trigger, the torch continues to blow gas for a second. Is this normal? It sure seems like I'm going through a lot of gas. Thanks

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    That is normal, that extra purge of gas is to help keep the weld bead "pure" as it is cooling. This feature is common on TIG welders and higher end units. Where are you running your gas regulator at? Often times when people are blowing through gas they have the regulator turned up extremely too high.

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    Matt, thanks for your help! The book says 25 so that's where I started. After that I set it at 20 and didn't see any difference. Does this seem correct?

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    20 is what they are regulated at, I usually have to adjust the regulator slightly every time I use the welder

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    i just purchaseda eastwood mig 175 also and im having the same problem with my gas coming out after i release the trigger and i have to cut the welder off and on again to get it to stop any suggestions? thanks.

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