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    I have your ZDDP oil additive and need to know the method to add it to my oil change. My engine is a 1954 Jaguar xk120 that has not run for 50 plus years. The sump holds 12 quarts with an additional 2 quarts in the engine and filter. How do I mix the ZDDP so that it will be completely effective on the first startup? It does not seem that just adding it to the oil in the sump would have it properly mixed to be 100% effective to prevent wear on the first cranking of the engine before oil pressure is established. With subsequent oil changes maybe just addding it to the sump would be satisfactory. I plan on prelubing before starting it the first time....I still need to work out the details on how to do this.


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    Hi Gene,

    I'd suggest to dump all of your oil into one large container, then add the additive to the oil and stir it together thoroughly. Then add to your engine like normal. That should distribute the additive evenly through the engine.

    Hope that helps!


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