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Thread: Body filler over the top of Rust Converter?

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    Question Body filler over the top of Rust Converter?

    I re-did my firewall on a project I'm working on. After replacing some of the metal I sanded it all down and saw some small spotts of rust in the existing metal. So I sprayed the old and new with rust converter so the rust would not spread until I get back to it. Now I'm getting ready to use body filler on the welds and spray with epoxy primer. What prep do I do before applying filler? Thanks.

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    Here's a link that shows pictures about body fillers and using puddy applications to help smooth existing or future fillers. Hope this helps:

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    Thanks for the reply. I searched in the archives and found the answer to my question. Yes you can apply body filler over rust converter. Rust converter will adhere to the metal so the filler can adhere to the converter. Thanks!

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