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Thread: Body work/ primer question on my 51

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    Default Body work/ primer question on my 51

    Hows it going? Im build a 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook 2 door sedan. its going to be a kustom build. Im currently doing the body work on the nose of the car. I pecked the hood, rounded the corners, made a kustom grill surround and frenched in 54 Chevy headlight bezels. OK the question i have is im almost done with sanding and smoothing out the body filler and soon will be ready to prime. What primer do you recommend that i use that can be applied on bare metal, body filler and some lead at the sametime and can be sanded?

    Thank you very much

    Eddie D
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    u-pol has a dtm primer filler part number 2252, its easy to sand too.

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    I've used etch primers like Dupli-Color for prepping bare metal car bodies and it works just fine. Good luck with the project and remember to always use a mask when spraying! Made that mistake by accident once already

    Also, here's a video I found of some mechanic doing a step-by-step process on priming.

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    Default u-pol's dtm primer is best..

    u-pol's dtm primer is the best as far as i know about any other primers..Just try out this one next time...
    piece chariot elevateur is the best i have ever experienced..!!!

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