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Thread: Clear coat peeling

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    Default Clear coat peeling

    I have an 03 Mustang. The clear coat has started peeling and gets worse by the day. Is there a process to stop and repair this without having to repaint the entire car.

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    Unfortunately the shiort answer is No. I wish there was a way around it but the clear coat provides the UV protection for the base coat. The base degrades with exposure to sun and weather. Applying clear to the areas where the clear lifted will just create more failure problems very soon.

    So how do you fix it? At the very least, you'll need to sand through the remaining clear and base coat before repainting.

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    Default Fixing Peeling Clear Coat

    There really are no shortcuts to fixing the peeling clear coat correctly. I think Kevin Tetz describes the repair best here

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    I had some peeling where a repaired panel met the original paint. I sanded it a bit and did light repaint. Not real good, nor perfect match and i needed another finer sanding pass but it got rid of the white that was drawing attn to it which was my goal

    I used a repair type wax afterwards a couple times. It looks much less jarring now. At least you can't see the bad paint a block away Certainly better looking than the white peeling stuff on a black car, ugh.

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