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    I have a 1998 Buick Skylark and the fuel tank is leaking; therefore, I purchased a new Spectra steel tank. I am sure the gauge is far less then the General Motors version. I would like to protect it as much as possible from rust, being that I live in Northeast Ohio. I have some POR 15 and 3m Rubberized Undercoating that I was thinking of using. What do you recommend and what process do you recommend?

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    I just redid a gas tank. I used Eastwood Chassis Black Primer, with extreme chassis black over it. Then I scuffed that up and put rubberized undercoat on it. Depending upon how long you plan to keep the car and the climate where you live, you can probably just throw some undercoat on it for the short-term.
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    Our Tank Tone is something you should look at. This product contains zinc to keep you tank from rusting and looking good. Also, you may want to consider sealing the inside of the tank with a Gas Tank Sealer kit. Most people only seal old tanks, but we have heard of a number of new tanks that rust out. Sealing the new tank helps keep it from rusting.

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