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    I'm rebuilding the engine on my '69 Honda motorcycle. I polished the aluminum side covers. I thought about painting these parts with a Diamond Clear Gloss for bare metal. I also bead blasted the cylinder jugs, cam case, and head (all aluminum). I considered coating these with Diamond Clear Satin for bare metal. My question: is it ok to use a clear coat on an air cooled engine and if so, will these clear coats hold up to the high heat or am I creating a future problem? Worried about yellowing, peeling, etc. Thanks for any advice.

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    Eastwood Extreme Diamond Clear for Bare Metal is the only clear that I know of that will durably coat all the areas you mentioned. This clear must be sprayed with an airbrush or spray gun (touch Ėup gun). This stuff is incredibly durable (thatís why it costs so much). Make sure the gun/airbrush is cleaned immediately after spraying other wise it will be extremely difficult to clean. One 6 oz bottle will coat the entire motor on your 69 Honda. Since this product goes on so thin there should be no measurable effect on the heat transfer ability.

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