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Thread: Need color match in POWDER not paint

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    Default Need color match in POWDER not paint

    Looking for this powder coat color 59-65 Pontiac lt blue engine in 66 they started using a metallic one.

    The man tried to paint it and gave up and brought me the paint. I DON'T WANT TO PAINT IT. To much dag trouble so he said if I can find the right powder go for it. It will cost him less also for me to coat it than to paint.

    I have checked all my reg charts and no luck yet. Don't need but 1/2 lb or less to do them.

    EW has the paint the right color but no powder
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    Default Re: Need color match

    If you have a sample of the paint on a part (and it is a single stage liquid paint). Any good hardware and/or paint store can scan it & if you ask the store manager (many of the younger less exp employees don't even know) but the same computer they mix paint with (by code) will also have a tab for finding the matching RAL#. With the RAL# you can order the correct powder.
    Good Luck

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