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Thread: Question on high temp powder for exhaust

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    Default Question on high temp powder for exhaust

    Hey guys,

    I am restoring a 1973 porsche 914. I have never powdercoated, nor do i plan on starting. I found some local shop, and the guy wants to help me on the side. So i dropped off a brand new bursch exhaust, gloss black, totall krap paint. It usually is gone after a month of running the car. So I decided to make this one last. The guy tells me he will blast it and apply a high temp powder. He mentioned the powder is good up to 1600 degrees. It was picked up yesterday, and it looks awesome.


    One hour after driving the car, and a smell that i was hoping would go away. It seems that all of the paint has cooked off the thing
    WTF soooo. i will call the guy tommorow. What happend???

    Here is a before and after pic ... i dont have a yuck pick because it is dark out right now. I could post in the morning.

    I am totally bummed

    The black one is factory paint (no good)
    The grey one is High temp powder (i got ripped off?)
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    the terrible pictures.
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    Before making a judgement call, do you have any way to determine what your exhaust temperatures might be? If the factory units are painted, I can't image that happening to high-temp powder. Can you shoot the piping with an infrared thermometer after a run to determine how hot it gets?
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    A good point above^

    Was it Eastwood High Temp Powder he used for sure? I'll def. pass this onto our R&D guys and see if they have ever seen this happen in their powder tests!


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    I took it off and brought it back into the shop today, The guy lied to me He didnt even use the high heat powder we discussed. When i dropped it off we both said "high heat 1600 degree" when i spoke to him today....

    "i thought you said your exhaust wouldnt get hotter than 400degrees, so i used the 600degree powder"

    Anyway, after some discussion, he will reblast it and coat it with a ceramic powder he said is rated up to 2400 degrees. We shall see. Thank you for the replies

    I believe the exhaust probably runs around 1200 degrees at full throttle. I will try to borrow a thromoeter to check it for ya.

    Now you know what happens to powder if you cook it

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