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    I painted my 36 dodge with the Blvd Black from Eastwood. Its my first paint job and it came out pretty good. I did get orange peel however. I painted the body last week and the fenders yesterday. I do not plan on using a clear coat but I do intend on wet sanding and buffing. Can you recommend a buffing compound and glaze as I do not have a clue about these products. I plan on using a 1500 grid wet sand. Any other advise would be most appreciated. Thanks

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    Since you dont have clearcoat, I'd step up to 2000 Grit... Meguires has a fantastic paper that cuts very well. Single stage solid colors respond very well to buffing.. but make sure you have your steps complete before you move on. I REALLY like Norton products... their three step-single compound system (Liquid Ice) that Eastwood sells is fantastic, it's what I use on anything I polish. ( until I come out with my own line of compounds... LOL!) Use the wool pad for the first step getting back to full gloss, then follow iwth the blue and the white. Sand a small area first, maybe 6 inches around, and proctice to geta feel for how the paint is going to respond to the sanding. If oyu find that you're having a hard time bringing it back t gloss, you can step up to 3000 grit with 3M's TRIZACT pads on hookit pads for a D/A sander. this puts a VERY fins scratch into the surface and is much easier to bring black to g loss... is use this on fully cured material and it makes the job much easier... a bit spendy, as is most 3M stuff, but very good product.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks. I did just what you recommended with great results. One last thing. Now that the car is buffed with both steps what if I wanted to go over some spots I think could be a little better. Do I need to remove the 1st two buffing steps (only in the particular area) with a wax and grease remover. If so can you recommend products. 95% of the car is fine, just a few areas where I got a little lazy I would like to go over. Thanks again. pete

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    Pete, Im glad things worked out for you! You're spot on; prep the panels with Eastwood prep solvent, or just get some Naptha from a hardware store, wipe down the panels, and start the buffing process again. If it's really hazy, you probably have sanding scratches that have not been buffed to gloss... start with the compound, then follow by polishing, then hand buffing. If it's swirls or a little surface spiderweb scratching, go with a lighter compound or polish to start with... you're just kinda cleaning up if you dont have to compound anymore. I dont know what you used to buff with... it sounds like it worked well so just keep using it until youre happy with the results.

    Holler if this is clear as mud....

    PS sometimes taking a fine polish or car wax and a foam pad can really finish out a panel.... I use the fine grade pads ( black 3M, white Norton) and a nice detailing wax, prefereably with carnuba. Use low speed, mist with water ( not much) to lube the pad so you dont dry-buff, leave a haze and finish it off by hand ( huh?) with a microfiber.... Always use clean cloths in an indoor environment. Fluorescent lights are best for a nice soft light..... the long bulbs allow you to "pull" the light across the panel and really read the surface.

    Good luck!


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    This was info I need too - thanks

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    Always happy to help! Just wanted to mention that I'm coming out with a line of car care products, waxes, cleaners, etc.... should be available soon!


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