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Thread: How to treat rust inside frame

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    Default How to treat rust inside frame

    I'm restoring a Triumph TR6 and have it down to the frame. The frame is covered with surface rust and I will have it blasted but I don't know what to do about the rust on the interior. It's not deeply rusted. There are access holes in every section that I can use to apply into. Here are my thoughts:

    Option 1: Spray Rust Encapsulator inside, turning the frame at different angles to get the liquid around.
    Option 2: Spray Rust Converter inside first then Encapsulator. Would the Encapsulator be necessary if I'm not painting after?
    Option 3: Spray Anti-rust coating. This would be done after finishing the outside of the frame. Will this prevent further rusting by blocking moisture and oxygen or will the existing rust grow underneath it?

    There are sections of the frame that are oil soaked and I'm not sure if I can get all of that out of the interior. Since the oil has been there for many years (if a British car isn't leaking, it doesn't have any oil) there's probably little or no rust there anywiay.

    My goal is to stop the rust from progressing. The rest of the car has been taken down to bare metal so I want to do this right.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

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    Option 1 seems like the best. Option 2, using the Rust converter will be difficult, because the Rust converter needs to sit on the metal for about 10 minutes and it would be hard to get it to stay in contact on all of the surfaces. I've used Rust Converter, and it does work! Option 3 seems like a good idea, but I think Option 1 will do the same thing, just better. The biggest hurdle will be getting the Rust Encapsulator on all of the metal surfaces. If I remember correctly, someone on here was modifying a Wagner Power Painter with extended tips, to do pretty much what you want to do. Would the wands and tips from an undercoating kit work? It's a shame we can't find an old Ziebart shop and get their wands.

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    I use our Heavy-Duty Anti Rust in the frames of my VWs. This is a low-tech product, but very effective at slowing rust. It works well in these applications because it requires little to no prep to apply.

    If you can hold out for a little while, we have a new product on the way....see a sneak peak on our Eastwood Blog.

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    That sounds perfect. I'm going to hold off a bit on the frame work to use the new product (I hurt my back but this sounds like a better reason ).

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    Nick, I like the new product, and the timing couldn't be better! I'll be needing this in a couple of months, good thing I'm working slowly.

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