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    Question Slick Sand, How Thick

    heres the deal. I'm painting my car door. I took the existing paint down to bare metal. Now I want to spray the door with slick sand and then top coat. My ? is how many coats of slick sand primer do I need before i should guide coat then top coat?
    Do you think a 2.0mm nozzel will be enough to spray the slick sand? I looks like pretty thick paint.

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    When I spray Slick Sand, I shoot it on with my 2.0 hvlp primer gun. I apply one wet coat, let it flash, and then apply an additional one or two wet coats (if you plan on doing a lot of block sanding, go for two additional coats). Slick Sand is rather thick, but it can be thinned up to 5-10% with acetone. Make sure you stir it very well before you use it (I stir it until I can get all of the solid that settles to mix in). When spraying on, it sprays on and dries with a textured (needs to be sanded) finish. This finish is easy to break with sandpaper, and Slick Sand is easy to sand smooth.

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    cool thanks for the help. What do you mean when you say flash?

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    I meant when it starts to look dry and the solvents are mostly out. Depending on temperature and humidity, for me, it usually took about 10-15 minutes. Let us know how you make out.

    Here is a PDF from EverCoat with information about SlickSand.
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