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Thread: How to protect chrome from rusting

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    Default How to protect chrome from rusting

    Does Eastwood have any product, besides Zoop, to protect chrome? Can you clear coat it or any options like that?

    I have a set of JCW VW bumpers that I polished and waxed prior to installing and they almost immediately started developing surface rust. I know these are fairly low quality bumpers and are only temporary for me until I do a full restore and purchase triple plated bumpers, but I'd like to preserve them as well as possible.

    Is the Diamond Clear Gloss an option?

    Thanks ahead of time for any advice.
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    We have several products that you could use. Diamond Clear Gloss for bare metal is an option. Sharkhide is a product similar to ZoopSeal. You could also have your bumpers powder coated with a clear powder. We have a large oven in our R&D facility and I've done this to several sets of replacement VW bumpers (I've also clear powder coated the cheap chrome headlight rings that are sold).

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