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Thread: Rust at lower door skin flange

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    Default Rust at lower door skin flange

    Looking for advice on stopping or removing rust on my '99 GMC Sierra doors.
    The rust is on the inside at the bottom between the inner shell and the outer door skin flange. My first attempt was sand blasting the area, applying rust converter, and then topping it with rust encapsulator. The rust came back, and I'm thinking it's because I removed any rust for the converter to grab onto. I'm wondering if I should try and unfold the door skin lip with the door skin remover pliers you sell, or will that damage the outer door skin? OR what would be the proper process to chemically stop the rust?

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    First you must correct the cause of the corrosion and water or moisture collecting in this lower area. It could be deteriorated window felts on the door or plugged drain holes at the lower portion of the door. Check these areas first and replace the window felts or open up the drain holes. The reason the rust "re-appeared" is due to the fact that it is coming from behind the panel. Your idea of removing the skin from the inner door structure is the best method; however trying to unfold the skin may cause the metal to fracture to the point that you can not fold it back over the structure. At this point you can weld the bottom or fabricate a patch panel and weld that in or use our No Weld panel repair kit #31102. Once you have the skin removed at the bottom you can treat the rust with our #51676 rust convertor quart. You can remove the inner door panel and use a foam brush and apply to the area

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