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Thread: pin holes in floor boards

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    Default pin holes in floor boards

    Hey anybody, what is the best way to fill pinholes in sheet metal floors. i prefer not to weld them. is there a product that will fill the pin holes and not cause rust.

    thanks for any help.

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    If you have pin holes,you probably have some really thin metal.From a safety standpoint, you are best off patching or replacing the floors.If the holes are not from rust and you have good surrounding metal,you could use Lab Metal filler.

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    Cutting out the corroded metal and welding in new is the best repair but you can use alternatives such as Rust Encapsulator followed by a skim coat of polyester filler or our no weld panel adhesive. If the area is in the ceneter of the floor pan and does not have alot of structural support underneath the polyester filler may tend to crack over time. If you can press down and feel the metal 'oilcan" or flex and you want a dirt cheap solution I would suggest our no weld panel repair adhesive #31087. Wire brush the area, apply some duct tape underneath the area to be repaired on the bottom of the pin holes. Apply Rust Encapsulator #16040Z, allow to cure 24hrs. Sqeeze out some panel adhesive over the area and use a bondo spreader to spread and level the panel adhesive. The duct tape will keep the adhesive from "dripping" through the pin holes. This product will fill the pin holes and will remain semi flexible to allow for some movement of the metal panel

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