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Thread: painting rubber/plastic bumpers?

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    Question painting rubber/plastic bumpers?

    do you need to add a flex additive to the paint/primer when painting the bumpers and body on my 3rd gen camaro?ive been told you do my old shop teacher always said if you prep it right you what do you think?im almost ready for paint so i would relly like to know.also does eastwood carrie the flex aditive?

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    Think of it as insurance.

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    Both are correct...... however, if you do "bump" your bumper the paint will crack and come off in chunks without a flex additive....

    I can take pictures of bumpers that didn't have the proper additives... and then go bumped. You won't notice it until it happens....

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    I just about never use a flex additive . If you had an airbagged vehicle that was going to hit the pavement quite often maybe so .Ive never had paint just come off of a peice of plastic if it was prepped right .However I DO use an adhesion promoter like bulldog , its an abrasive wash . Less chemicals in the mix the better , keep it simple.As usual these forums have to many paint questions and not enough prep questions.Let me know how it goes.

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