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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here had plans or has built there own hot tank parts cleaner. I want to get away from using solvents because I clean greasy car parts at home. It is currently a very slow process and would like to speed it up by not spending a ton of $$$.
    I was thinking about using an immersion heater in some kind of container that had a lid. I'm hoping to heat the parts in a ratio of simple green and water for several hours in hopes of saving me some time hand scrubbing. I will really appreciate any advice on this subject. Thank you very much for your time.

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    Read threw the threads on the powder coating side. Some one made one using a part washer from like auto zone. I think they used a heating element out of a water heater. I bought some hot plates and made a stand that holds the hot plates under my 20 gallon parts washer. All I half to do is turn them on and it heats up in a matter of minutes. If that is not good enough buy one of the large square burners that they sell at pals true value for deep frying turkeys. Build a square holding tank with a lid and there you go. Good Luck. Any info shared is just my opinion!!

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    Great info. Thank you.

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