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Thread: Rust Inhibitor For The Inside Of Car Frame?

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    Question Rust Inhibitor For The Inside Of Car Frame?

    What product does Eastwood recommend to eliminate internal frame rust? I am looking for a Rust Inhibitor product to spray inside my collector cars rusty frame. I blew the inside of the frame out with compressed air getting rid of any loose rust scale and it is now clean. The frame is solid all away around and any and all repairs were welded in with new metal. Do you carry anything that will neutralize and seal the inside rust from ever forming again? I would like to purchase a product that could be sprayed inside the frame using an undercoat gun. Viewing Eastwoods online catalog I see you carry a Heavy Duty Antirust but the explanation of it says its sticks to bare metal or painted surfaces and nothing about using this product over rusty surfaces or whether this product neutralizes rust or what have you. I also read about Eastwoods Rust Encapsulator which I guess is a similiar product to Por-15 which is a paint on type of product. These type of products I would think are more for use on the outside of the frame and using them inside of the frame makes me a little leery. I would appreciated Eastwoods imput here as to what product to use.

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    From your posting, I'm envisioning a boxed-in frame rail section that isn't accessible directly for rust removal and painting. My recommendation would be to use a two step process. Begin with Eastwood Rust Converter. This product may be sprayed into the location and will convert the rust into a black oxide, effectively halting further rust progression in the metal substrate.

    With Rust Converter applied and dried completely, top coat with Heavy Duty Anti Rust. In this application, the Anti-Rust is best applied using an Eastwood Undercoating Gun.

    The Butcher

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    What is the best way to spray the rust converter into a closed box frame?

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    Default rust inhibitor for the inside of car frame

    I have a similar question which I have asked twice but never got an answer that was clear to me. My concern is closed areas of the body rather than the frame but the concept is similar. I understand drilling into the closed section and plugging afterwards, my question is how do I best insure that I am getting good (hopefully near 100% coverage) since I have no way to see. Are there better products or methods to insure complete coverage? In the past I have used clean 5 or 10 weight motor oil and figured what I missed one time I would get the next and sprayed the sections two or three times a year. This worked very well and I have never had rust through after treating one of the closed sections but I am moving on to better quality restorations and don't want the mess anymore. I still favor light weight coatings done more often but would appreciate some feedback from those more experienced.

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    As Restobutcher suggested, use The Eastwood Undercoating Gun It will work with The Heavy Duty Anti Rust, The Rubberized Undercoat and the Rust Converter

    My #1 personal choice for coating inside boxed areas is the Heavy Duty Anti-Rust.

    The tips of the gun extension rods have slots and holes to alow the product to spray in all directions inside a closed area. You must decide the method of entry. Most folks choose to drill a hole in an inconspicous place, spray in the product then plug the hole with Undercoater Plugs

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