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    Default Chrome Powder Paint

    I want to powder coat a grill from a 1952 GMC Pickup. Will the chrome powder coat and clear coats look like a chromed grill and will it hold up to exposure to the elements? The 52 had a painted grill, but I want to make it a chrome grill.

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    Default Chrome Powder

    The Reflective Chrome powder Eastwood sells is the most reflective chrome-like look available in powder. It is much more reflective than silver paint but once the powder clear coat has been applied it dulls down to a muted polished aluminum look, and unfortunately on the bumper project you’ll certainly need a clear coat.

    An alternative you may like is to simply polish the base metal and top coat with clear powder. Buffed steel shines like chrome but needs a protective clear coat to stay reflective. In my experience, buffing the steel then applying a clear powder coat yields the closest look to chrome. There is a slight amount of oxidation that appears on the surface of the steel as it cures and before the powder flows to create an airtight seal. The end result looks like polished nickel. To retain the greatest chrome color use the Eastwoods Ultra-Clear Lo-Temp Topcoat (10329).

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    Default Chrome painted rims need clearcoat

    I have a related question to this one. I have a '67 Cougar and have stripped/ground down to bare metal the GT-style rims. The best I could do was apply adhesion spray, then apply bumper chrome paint. They look great, and match very well with the center pieces and outer chrome pieces.

    My dilemma is that no clear-coat sprays I've sprayed over the Plasti-Kote Bumper Chrome maintains the shiny look (on my spare/test rim). In fact, when I spray any of them on the chrome paint, the chrome paint wants to partially dissolve, or become part of the clear-coat, if that makes sense.

    Would the Eastwoods Ultra-Clear Lo-Temp Topcoat (10329) do the trick? Do I need to lightly heat the bumper chrome on the rims with my heat gun to make the bond between the paint and the rim more solid? Right now, I can still swipe my fingertip across the rims I rechromed over a month ago and get chrome paint on my finger. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Question: why clear coat at all? Why not just use the Chrome powder and leave it shiny and unprotected? I had my car's frame powdercoated and assume the coating will be tough enough on its own (no clear on top). Is the Chrome powder unduly prone to chipping making it unsuitable for application on bumpers and wheels?
    If the chrome powder un-cleared is shiny enough I'd strongly consider it for the chrome parts on my 68 roadster. This is a car that, when finished, I will probably drive no more than once a week.

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    Our single-stage chrome powder does not need to be clearcoated, but all other chrome powders should be top-coated to prevent the powder from tarnishing. Chrome powders are great, but they are not a direct replacement for chrome - they look more like a mildly polished aluminum. In the powdercoating forum, there are many good pictures that other forum members have posted of parts that they have coated in our single-stage chrome powder.

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    Default I don't have a heating source for these

    I don't have a furnace or baking oven, or whatever's needed, to do the heating to 375-400. Doesn't Eastwood have anything to cover the chrome paint job on my rims?

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    I do not have any experience with the Plasti-Kote Bumper Chrome, so unfortunately, I cannot give you any first-hand advice. I would not apply a powder clear coat (low temp or regular) over the Bumper Chrome aerosol paint.

    From what I've seen, many of these chrome aerosol paints do not get clear coated. Generally, when you clear coat a paint such as what you have used, it reduces some of the reflectivity and dulls the finish to a grayish color. Does Plasti-Kote recommend clear-coating this product?

    If you are interested in doing some trial and error testing, we sell Diamond Clear Gloss for painted surfaces. As we've never tested the Bumper Chrome product, we cannot tell you what the outcome will be. My guess is that clearing it would really dull out the reflective finish to a gray color.

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