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Thread: POR-15, removing

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    Smile POR-15, removing

    Just looking for advise on removing POR-15. This stuff is tough...

    This is on trunk floor metal, need to remove to see metal to know what to cut for new floor going in. Coat is about 5 years old.

    Thank You.

    PS, I know it's not your product

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    Thank you much for the opportunity to address your question regarding removal of POR15. Been on there for 5 years huh? Should crack and fall off on its own any day now (...."now that was totally unnecessary Restobutcher....really!") OK, seriously, once the substance has catalysed it cannot be removed readily using a solvent or heat. My recommendation is that the coating be removed by mechanical means. Eastwood offers an excellent depressed center stripping disc that you use with your 4-1/2" angle grinder. These non-woven discs don't load up easily and can be used very aggressively or feathered gently. Be sure to wear appropriate respiratory protection when grinding away at that stuff. The strip discs should make quick work in allowing you to get down to bare metal, allowing you to finish that trunk repair.

    The Butcher

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