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Thread: Anybody using 3D printing for car parts?

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    Default Anybody using 3D printing for car parts?

    Just curious if anyone here was using 3D printing for any car parts? I recently played around with a Cube 3D printer and printed a VW emblem. Name:  vwemblems.jpg
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    What I could do with a 3D printer.

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    Yes, I have used it. It looks and works similar to the traditional one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bhuevaneshvirani View Post
    Well, Not really. I am not one of those who would be very motivated to customize my car. But I have a friend who is really passionate about this stuff. Have you tried the Jes Extender from here yet? I will try and align him with you. I will update you very soon on this.
    Nice emblems Nick, one of my door handles is actually 3d printed. I think 3d printing is definitely the future of cars.
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    3D printing is really awesome stuff. There are several companies which are on top on this. We are using the services of Earth First Printing which is great in Magnetic Strip Cards printing.

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