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Thread: Filling Pin Holes in Steel

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    Default Filling Pin Holes in Steel

    I am planning to powdercoat some steel this weekend and wonder what is the best way to fill a few minor welding pin holes before I powder/bake it?

    Would filling the holes with standard solder (resin or acid cored?) be acceptable, then go the usual route to powder and bake it.

    I guess the bottom line is how hot can one of these solders go before it turns back to liquid and messes up the coating in the over?


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    Each type of solder is different, I would think you would want to stay away from resin. One other suggestion is I read that the Metal to Metal filler that eastwood sells is supposed to be able to be used with powder coating, is was claimed that there is enough metal in it to powder coat over it. I would ask the rep before ordering though.

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    If you try that filler from Eastwood, let me know how it works. I was thinking of getting it to be able to fill in deep gouges on rims for customers.

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